3 Indoor Gross and Fine Motor skill games

Short Read | 2 mins

Just a typical ETP session here.

Below are 3 games I use to build gross motor skills, fine motor skills, pincer grip strength and balance + coordination skills.

Pincer grip + Hand eye coordination

These irregular blocks are a fun addition to my sessions.

The multiple flat faced surfaces allow for stacking.

  • Children use a pincer grip to pick up the blocks.
  • The blocks vary in size, which produces new hand positions to hold them.
  • Children are highly focused
  • Hand eye coordination is practiced to align blocks.
  • Patience and precision is needed.

Gross motor + Hand strength + Wrist Rotation

Besides practicing our sounds. Childrens forearms and hands get a workout.

  • The claw requires squeezing pressure to close the pincers. Hand and forearm activation.
  • To maneuver the claw and rotate it, the child activates their whole gross arm muscles and shoulder muscles.
  • To flip the claw and the card, I observed the child needs to supinate their wrist and maintain a squeezed hand on the handle.

“Children learn with their hands.”

– Mr Jamie

Balance + Coordination + Spatial Awareness

Simple yet an engaging activity for kids. Spoon and ball balance course.

  • Starting with a more stable ball and spoon, we progress to a loose slippery ball, and if the child shows good skill, we use a real egg!
  • Hand and eye coordination is trained, fine motor skills in the hands to balance the spoon are activated.
  • The child navigates a course, minding their feet and body. Spatial awareness under pressure builds dexterity and body control.

Keep it active and enjoy!

When arranging activities for early years children, try to make it as active as possible. Children learn with their hands and bodies. More physically involved they become, the better focus they demonstrate.

Thanks for reading!

Mr Jamie 🤠 🙌


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