Eduuplay Phonics Cards

Parents. Teachers. Tutors.

Something big is about to be released!

  • The most durable Phonics cards on the market!*
  • For Outdoor or Indoor use.
  • Completely Washable and Waterproof.
  • Flexible PVC material.
  • Compatible with Oxford Phonics World.
  • 152 Card Set, with three writable empty spares.
  • Over 440 Vocabulary on the back!
  • Easy to read font for kids.
  • Cards “snap” next to each other for blending.
  • Because of it’s durability and flexibility, there’s many uses!
  • Games Support and Ideas included.
  • 5% of Card Sales Profits go towards Supporting Pencils of Promise!

    *From my current market research.

“Unlike learning words by sight and shape, phonics provides the opportunity to learn skills that can be used to read almost any word. Skills that are learned stay with a child throughout their life and provide a stepping stone into their education. “

PRICE : $ Coming Soon

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