Enabling Environment

An enabling environment is characterised by:

Knowing the children well and meeting the individual needs of each child

Eduuplay looks to build a positive and healthy rapport with each of our students and families. We understand every child is unique and learns differently. Part of meeting the individual needs of each child involves in-depth listening to parent’s sharing about their child, as well as observing the child through our activities.

A strong partnership between families and early childhood settings

Eduuplay encourages open communication between tutors and parents. We send updates about children’s progress to parents regularly and connect as friends through community play-based activities.

Stimulating, age-appropriate resources

Eduuplay has resourced and created age-appropriate play based activities, games and English learning material that is relatable to children for their growth and development. We look at scaffolding learning, step by step, to equip students with skills they can build upon and demonstrate with confidence.

Rich learning opportunities through play and play-based activities

Eduuplay understands the importance of Play in a Child’s Development. Using games, toys and items in the child’s environment we can expose the child to English through playing, roleplaying, creating imaginative scenarios or being innovative with the tools on hand.

Support for children to take risks and explore

Firstly through child observation and assessment, we provide challenging activities that enable kids to take risks on their own accord. This may be through activities like using a balance beam, over and under obstacles, or taking responsibility for using real cooking items.
When children take responsibility for their own movements and actions, their concentration increases and they establish greater self awareness to be fully present in the moment.

Child Interest Led activities

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