English in Early Childhood Certificate

In August 2019 I completed a Short Course with the British Council on English in Early Childhood – Language Learning and Development. It was a great short course that solidified the direction I have been taking Eduuplay in regards to English Development for Young Learners.

Below are the main points covered.

1. How children learn

– Early childhood development
– Children and language acquisition

2. Learning through play

– The importance of play
– Creating the right environment for play
– Developing language through play

3. How to talk to young children

– Encouraging emotional development
– Developing language through interactions

4. Learning: English and everything

– Developing the whole child
– Learning English in context
– Guiding the learning experience

5. Positive relationships and enabling environments

– Helping children feel safe and happy
– The importance of knowing the child well

6. Watching children learn

– Every child is unique
– Observation
– Assessment in the early years
– Planning: building on what children can do

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