(ETP) English through Play

English through Play (ETP) is the preliminary session before 50/50 Oral and Phonics. It includes a balance of games, speaking activities, fine motor skill practice and an introduction to beginning letters, over a 60 min session.

Mr Jamie

We engage our creativity using toys and games available in the child’s home environment. The session enables kids to be immersed in a fully English speaking atmosphere for one hour. We share dialogue consistently throughout the activities and this allows children to subconsciously download the patterns of English conversation and also bring awareness to body language, intonation and expression.

The child learns valuable life skills such as:

and many more vital life skills.

Eduuplay craft activity using playdoh, a great way to build kids fine motor skills.
Craft activity with Playdoh

Each session can be divided roughly as follows:

First half:
— Begins with an interactive game we can participate in.
— Daily Conversation or Role Play activity.
— Learning vocab through improvisation.

Second half:
— Basic introduction to Letter names and their Sounds (Some drawing time)
— Most sounds or sentences are either sung or repeated for solidification.
— Child’s choice of game.
— Storytime.
— Stickers and Video Update for Parents.

Session Aim:
1. Make it fun and lively.
2. Grow the child’s confidence to start communicating in English.
3. Keep each activity to under 10 min.
4. Build positive rapport with the child.
5. Introduce the alphabet and their sounds.
4. Produce happy and confident smiles after each session!

– Mr Jamie

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