Pencils of Promise

September 28th
$6,000 raised!
One shaved Mr J 🤠

9 Children have education for an entire year!

Eduuplay’s founder, Mr Jamie, and his family have partnered with Pencils of Promise (PoP).
Please help us support 9 students with education for an ENTIRE YEAR in places like Ghana, Guatemala and Laos. 

Several years ago, Mr Jamie visited Nigeria – a country next door neighbours with Ghana. He saw first hand the economical struggles and came face to face with poverty – not merely financial but also educational. When we heard about Pencils of Promise, we felt in our hearts this is something we want to get behind. We might not be able to be in Ghana in person, but we know PoP are there on the ground, practically serving and growing the next generation.

The best part about this organisation is 100% of online donations go toward supporting PoP’s educational programs–so every cent you give goes directly to helping kids who need it most. In just 10 years, PoP has built 500 schools and serves nearly 100,000 students every day – all of it driven by a movement of everyday people who took a moment to share a sliver of the gifts in their lives with children who are less fortunate.

Just $75 creates educational opportunities for a PoP student, so every donation counts.

We have set ourselves a $6,000 fundraising goal by October 17 2019 *
(*which is memorable, cause it’s Rebeccas’s birthday!) $6,000 = 9 children with education for a YEAR!

I have set a personal goal of putting aside 5% of my tutoring service payments towards this cause starting from June 2019.

Campaign for 2019 has ended successfully! Looking to step up our next campaign for 2020!

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