Phonics Terms Poster

What are Phonemes? What is the difference between Phoneme Awareness and Phonological Awareness? If you are coming across terms like these, they can be quite confusing and foreign. I decided to put together a poster laying out the basic Phonic’s jargon. If you are a parent encountering these sayings for the first time, or anContinue reading “Phonics Terms Poster”

Vocab List for 21 – 24 month olds

Free downloadable tick-off list for tracking your child’s vocab learning milestones. Hey parents!I put together this list for my son, who will be turning 18 months soon. It won’t be too long before he starts speaking some vocab other than Mama and Dada.This list is merely for reference, so don’t be stressed if your childContinue reading “Vocab List for 21 – 24 month olds”